Why Travel with Lights?!

WHY Travel with Lights?!
  • # 1- PROFESSIONALISM: As a makeup artist, professionalism is extremely important. What looks more professional than setting up your LUX Makeup Light kit light the room in the most optimal way for your job?
  • # 2- BE DETAILED: Proper makeup light allows you to see all of the details of your client’s face. This way, you can adequately cover or accentuate anything needed.
  • # 3- KEEP IT COOL: Often times hotels or on-location lighting is not ideal. If the lighting in the room is warm, it can leave the client’s face looking more of a yellow tone. Bringing your own light allows you to see their true tone, similar to natural daylight. No one wants to make their client orange!
  • # 4- CLEANLINESS: Having quality lighting is important for hygiene as well. Ample lighting will help you when it comes time to cleaning up and sterilizing so you can see the nitty gritty!
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Gooseneck Stand at Enchanted Salon
LUX Makeup Light at Enchanted Salon in Savannah, GA

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