Interview Featuring Tiffany Marie Scott Makeup!

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Company Name: Tiffany Marie Scott Makeup 

Artist Name: Tiffany Marie Scott 

Working Location: Metro Detroit Area 

What got you into the beauty industry: I started off doing makeup on myself, just for fun. It was the one hobby I started and never stopped/lost interest in. Unlike painting, drawing, jewelry making and whatever other hobby I was interested in for 5 minutes! 

Favorite Makeup Look to Create: Skin is my absolute favorite thing about makeup! When you create a clean, clear canvas, everything you do after will look great! 

Top 3 beauty products you can’t live without: MAC Wipes, Mineralize skinfinish, and Fix plus 

Your favorite part about your job: I love the transformation power makeup has! 

What’s the funniest thing that has happened on the job? I did makeup for a wedding party once, the bridesmaid was drunk. It was 10am. I no longer do weddings! (Laughs) 

What do you look for in a makeup lighting product? Something portable and  easy to pack/unpack. The right lighting can make or break the makeup (and photos)!

Contact Tiffany Marie Scott Makeup:

Instagram @tiffanymariescott

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