Interview Featuring Queena Beautiful Makeup Artistry!

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Company Name: Queena Beautiful Makeup Artistry

Artist Name: Queena Beautiful

Working Location: Los Angeles, CA

What got her into the Makeup Industry: What got me into the makeup industry is that I am a singer. And whenever I had a performance I would get my makeup done. However, there had been times that I was not able to get my makeup done buy a professional makeup artist for various reasons  usually having to do with not having enough time, which left me with having to do my make-up myself. Well, I got better and better at it and sometimes my friends asked me to help them with their makeup especially eyebrow shaping. And they encourage to me that I could do this professionally that I'm pretty good at it. So I decided to go to school. I went to Elegance International School of Professional makeup artistry and took their one-year program, then I just took it from there.
Queena’s favorite makeup look to create: My favorite makeup look to create is a natural beauty look or glamorous beauty look, especially for someone who does not usually wear makeup.
Advice for those trying to create this look: To create a natural beauty look the idea is to accentuate your natural features without altering them too much. Identify what your best features are and play them up. But remember less is more. Also, be patient and practice.
Top three beauty products she can't live without:
1. Eyebrow pencil 2. Comma lip gloss 3. A good moisturizer.
Your favorite part of the job: My favorite part of the job is being a part of someone's special day, helping to show them how beautiful they are and watching the before and after transformation. 
Want to Contact Queena Beautiful?
(310) 774-9111
Instagram: @Queenabeautiful
LinkedIn: @Queenabeautiful
Facebook: Queena Jeanmarie
Check out her work:
Thanks Queena Beautiful for being our featured MUA!  

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