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Company Name:  Makeup By Melissa Britt Rogers

Artist Name: Melissa Britt Rogers, Freelance Makeup Artist & LipSense Distributor 

Working Location:  Southwest Missouri

Melissa Britt Rogers
Photo Credit: Sugar Snap Images
What got her into the beauty industry: I have had an interest in makeup since a very young age.  I had my very own makeup kit full of real makeup of my Grandmother, Georgia Britt’s that she made just for me at the age of four.  I loved my makeup and I cherished it.  As I got a little older, I would put makeup on my younger cousins…and pretty much anyone that would let me.  Even as a young girl, I paid a lot of attention to people’s facial features and noticed different characteristics about their face.  My parents always allowed me to wear makeup and I’m so glad because it gave me practice each time I applied it.  And each time I applied makeup – I would try something different and was constantly experimenting with makeup.  My passion for makeup never faded and I kept practicing.  I started working for Lancôme Cosmetics while I was in college.  After working with several different makeup companies, I decided to start my own business as an independent makeup artist in 2008.  I’m a freelance makeup artist that works year round creating countless bridal looks for brides and bridal parties.  I love my job and makeup is my passion.   
Melissa’s favorite makeup look to create: My favorite makeup look to create is wedding makeup.  I like to emphasize the natural beauty in each individual face of my brides and bridal parties. 
Melissa’s advice for those trying to recreate this look:
*Skin regimen daily – your makeup looks better when your skin looks better.
*Always use a primer before foundation.
*Add lashes to make your eyes stand out.

 Top 3 beauty products she can’t live without:
1. LipSense long lasting lip color.  It is waterproof, does not kiss-off, smear-off, rub-off or budge-off.  It’s the perfect lip color.
2. Ecla Organic Rose Water Toner
3. My Morphe Master Set Makeup Brushes

 Best part about her job: My favorite part of my job is all the wonderful people I meet & have the opportunity to work with each time.  I get to work with the best brides, wedding planners, photographers, videographers out there! 
A few photos of Melissa’s Work:
Photo Credit: Scott Cotton Photography
How to Contact Melissa Britt Rogers:
Phone Number:  417-230-4630
Instagram:  @melissabrittrogers & @lipboutiquebymelissa

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